Past Excellence Award Winners

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Scholar Excellence: To recognize and promote outstanding scholarly research and creative endeavors.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Teaching ExcellenceTo recognize a tenured faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional skill in teaching.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Teaching ExcellenceTo recognize a non-tenured-track faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional skill in undergraduate teaching.

Early Career Faculty ExcellenceTo recognize a faculty member who is within his/her first five (5) years of employment at the University and who excels at research, teaching, and other professional activities.

Women of DistinctionTo recognize employees who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to women and/or issues of diversity through demonstrated leadership, vision, or actions in a profession, area of expertise, or in service to the University community. Awards will be given in three categories: faculty, administrative professional, and civil service.

Emerging Leader: To recognize and honor the achievements of an emerging leader at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, their positive impacts on our campus and greater community, and their ability to lead and inspire through their excellence.

University Level Staff Excellence: To recognize an Administrative/Professional and/or Civil Service Staff employee who has demonstrated excellence in their performance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Other Past Awards