Past Excellence Award Winners

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Scholar Excellence: To recognize and promote outstanding scholarly research and creative endeavors.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Teaching ExcellenceTo recognize a tenured faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional skill in teaching.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Teaching ExcellenceTo recognize a non-tenured-track faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional skill in undergraduate teaching.

Early Career Faculty Excellence:To recognize a faculty member who is within his/her first five (5) years of employment at the University and who excels at research, teaching, and other professional activities.

University Level Staff Excellence: To recognize an Administrative/Professional and/or Civil Service Staff employee who has demonstrated excellence in their performance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Women of DistinctionTo recognize employees who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to women and/or issues of diversity through demonstrated leadership, vision, or actions in a profession, area of expertise, or in service to the University community. Awards will be given in three categories: faculty, administrative professional, and civil service.”

Other Past Awards