University Women of Distinction

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The purpose of this award is to recognize employees who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to women and/or issues of diversity through demonstrated leadership, vision, or actions in a profession, in an area of expertise, or in service to the University community.

The Women of Distinction Award is one given to a Faculty, A/P, or Civil Service staff member who demonstrates excellence and a sustained commitment to women and/or issues of inclusive excellence through demonstrated leadership, vision, or actions in a profession in an area of expertise, or in service to the University community, and demonstrates an active commitment to create a more equitable campus environment to enhance our understanding of one another.


Nominations for the award may be proposed by individuals internal and external to the University.  The nomination materials should include: 

  1. a nominating letter from a “sponsor” for the individual nominated.  This sponsor will assume the coordination role for assembling the package of materials described below.  The sponsor letter will be no more than four typewritten pages in length;
  2. a current resume or vitae of the individual being nominated including a complete professional employment history.  There is no limit to the length of this document but it should be a resume or vitae and is not to include exhibits or supporting information.  The burden of making the case for excellence lies with the letters and the professional history of the nominee; and
  3. up to six supporting letters of no more than two typewritten pages each.  Depending on the award, letters can be from individuals within and external to SIU Carbondale. 
  4. Checklist cover page.

The complete package (sponsor letter, resume or vitae, and up to six supporting letters) must be received by the nomination deadline.  All materials should be submitted to the Office of Diversity, Anthony Hall Room 106, Mail Code:  4341, Attention:  Women of Distinction Excellence Award Committee.  Nominations may also be submitted electronically to


Nominations are due by Friday, January 26, 2024, 4:30 p.m.  Materials will not be accepted after the deadline.


The selection will be made by a committee consisting of previous award recipients representing each of the award categories and the Coordinator of the Office of Diversity.  Consensus decision-making procedures are used to select award recipients.


Must be a current, full-time SIU Carbondale Staff member employed with the University for a period of ten (10) consecutive years. 

This award is permanent recognition of an outstanding staff member and is, therefore, awarded only once during her career at the University. 


A framed certificate and a $1,000 monetary award are to be granted to the recipient of the University Women of Distinction Award. The recipient will also receive recognition at the annual awards reception and May commencement ceremony. 

A reserved parking space is provided from August 1 through July 31; recipients must have a valid parking decal.

Note:  Awards received may be subject to Federal and State taxes as required by law.