University-Level Teaching Excellence Award (Non-Tenure Track Faculty Award) Guidelines

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An important goal of the Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards program is to broadly recognize and reward teaching excellence so that the University can cultivate and nurture an environment of learning in which high-quality teaching is recognized as the standard of performance. In establishing this award for excellence in teaching, the University will recognize faculty for the high quality of their performance in the classroom, innovation, commitment to student learning outcomes, and inclusive excellence in education.


The University-Level Teaching Excellence Award (Non-Tenure Track Faculty) is one given only to those who have demonstrated outstanding teaching in his/her discipline. The award need not be made annually.  The award will not be granted to more than one individual during an academic year.


Nominations for the award may be proposed by colleagues, associates, supervisors, or subordinates (hereafter, the sponsor) of the nominee and should include:

  1. a nomination letter from the sponsor that summarizes the nominee’s teaching accomplishments and why they represent outstanding teaching, which is not to exceed two (2) pages;
  2. an application letter from the nominee that outlines why s/he should receive the award:
        a. teaching philosophy (500 words or less)
        b. evidence of outstanding teaching which may include any of the following support documents: ICE scores, publications, grants, invited talks, committee service, assessment of outcomes, etc. (not to exceed five pages).
  3. brief curriculum vita or resume;
  4. brief biographical sketch, written by the nominee (1-2 pages);
  5. up to six supporting letters of no more than two typewritten pages each detailing the nominee's commitment to teaching based on their personal observations. Referees should describe what the nominee does/did that qualifies him/her for this award (e.g., for what areas of student improvement was nominee personally responsible, how does the nominee demonstrate quality teaching, etc.). Letters can be from individuals within and external to SIU Carbondale, but should not include current students or current close collaborators. Also provide a separate list of referees with brief (5-10 lines) biographical sketch including affiliation with nominee (e.g., program chair, past undergraduate student, etc.);
  6. Checklist cover page.

The nomination letter and the packet of supporting documentation are to be forwarded to the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs, Anthony Hall 220, Mail Code: 4305, Attention: University-Level Teaching Excellence Award Committee. You may also submit the nomination electronically to


Nominations are due by Friday, January 26, 2024, 4:30 p.m. Materials will not be accepted after the deadline.


The University-Level Teaching Excellence Award (Non-Tenure Track Faculty) Committee is to be comprised of two active teachers selected by the Deans’ Council, and two active teachers selected by the Faculty Senate, and two active teachers selected by the Graduate Council. Three additional members shall be the University-Level Teaching Excellence award winners of the previous three years. The eighth member, the chair, is to be appointed by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Should one of the eligible, previous Teaching award recipients not be able to serve, the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will select a like awardee from a previous year. The Provost has the option of appointing additional faculty members to balance broad discipline representation upon consultation with the committee.


All current, full-time SIU Carbondale faculty employed with the University for a period of five (5) consecutive years and who, at the time of the original nomination, are involved in teaching, are eligible for the award.

Once nominated, the nominee may remain eligible for consideration for two additional years, if still a member of the SIU Carbondale faculty. Re-nomination will require agreement on the part of the nominee, to be obtained again by the sponsor. An updated nominee CV and an updated sponsor cover letter should be provided in each of the subsequent two years that the application will be re-considered.  (Other supporting documentation may be updated at the discretion of the nominee.)  After three consecutive years of consideration, the application file will be no longer be considered, and subsequent nomination of the individual will require the sponsor to resubmit a new updated application package.

This award is permanent recognition of outstanding teaching and is, therefore, awarded only once to an individual during his/her career at SIU Carbondale.


The permanent title of Distinguished Teacher, a framed certificate, and a $1,000 monetary award are to be granted to the recipient of the University-Level Teaching Excellence Award (Non-Tenure Track Faculty). The recipient will also receive recognition at the annual awards reception and May commencement ceremony. 

A reserved parking space is provided from August 1 through July 31; recipients must have a valid parking decal.

Note:  Awards received by be subject to Federal and State taxes as required by law.